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End-to-end services. All under one roof.


With approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space located across 3 provinces, our skilled and reliable team can handle projects of all sizes, scope and complexity.

End-to-End Services

Everything You Need to Get Your Project Done.

Waterjet Cutting

Using a high-pressure jet of water mixed with an abrasive, waterjet cutting cuts metal with greater accuracy and a cleaner edge than plasma cutting.


Welding is used to join metals with high heat during the fabrication process. Our welders are skilled, trained professionals, ensuring the end product is quality-controlled and built to last.

Cutting & Bending Sheet Metal

Using punch presses and press breaks, we have the in-house capabilities to cut and bend sheet metal to meet almost any need.

Design & Engineering

PermaCorp has a team of full-time professional engineers on staff, who are supported by experienced drafting professionals. Reviews can be turned around quickly and all of our railing products are stamped and approved to ensure reliability.

Pipe Bending

Designed for any metal pipe up to 24’ in length and tubing up to 3” steel, our pipe bender is a more efficient way of creating corners, especially compared to the labor and cleanup required with welding.


Whatever you can think of, we can fabricate. From railings and decks, to pergolas and privacy panels, to stairs, ladders, platforms, slab covers and more, we can fabricate to meet your demands.

Powder Coating

As an AAMA 2604 certified powder coater, we provide high-grade, architectural-quality coatings with a superior pretreatment process. Our two powder coating lines run 24/7 and can handle lengths up to 45’.


All PermaCorp products can be installed by our professional installation team, or we can ship materials when clients need supply only. We have decades of experience working on a wide range of projects, from residential buildings to high-rise towers.

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